Pius Isabirye

Good to know: Nomination for appointment is linked to constitution of Fiscal Host of Foundation in the Republic of Uganda, Africa.
Grounds for No interview: Electoral appointment falls within the threshold of min. number of appointments, required for constituting a Steward Group of Foundation's Fiscal Host/Node in Uganda.
Nomination Content:
  • It is with great pleasure that I seek consideration for nomination for the Treasury CWC so that I can contribute to the foundation’s mission and agenda.
  • And having knowledge in accounting, tax policies in Uganda, and managing NGOs finances/grants, I believe this make me a great fit for the role but also more importantly gives me an opportunity to serve for the betterment of the world.
  • The Muellners foundation is involved in solving the world’s most pressing challenges like financial exclusion and Climate Change, an adventure I am highly interested in being part of.
  • I strongly believe in the agenda of the foundation, and its open-source strategy and I am confident that my contribution through the CWC will help in the collective efforts of advancing financial inclusion, eradicating poverty, and making the world a safer place through climate change action.
  • This aligns with my passion for community development to enable the economic empowerment of the underserved and my love for environmental conservation initiatives.
  • I am excited about working with the foundation to make the world more prosperous, equitable, and safer for all.

Public Profile

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