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Mehul Kumar

Good to know: No Interview was conducted, (minimum regulations did not require for an interview back then).
2nd March 2022

Nomination Content:

  • Cynsar foundation is working on aspects of Financial, Social and Digital Inclusion through various initiatives such as, MetaDAO, Climate-Protocol, etc. While some of them are in development phase and some still under conceptualisation. I personally find motivation to work specifically towards building solutions for Climate Inclusivity and Financing, which is a huge barrier still globally in transitioning towards a climate neutral economy. My idea is to bring Environmental Markets under a larger mass adoption to mainstream markets. Imagine an Ebay of services from technologies and projects such as forestry, renewables, waste/water-management, etc. who are able to generate high impact in context to the narrative of people, planet and profit, but the true value is still unexposed and rather invisible to the masses. Similar to covid, climate change is an invisible disease that if left unattended, will lead us to doom with business as usual continuing. The roadmap for Climate Protocol isn't conceptualised yet, I would like to contribute through my research upon various market mechanisms, their laggings and opportunities that can be leveraged to develop new and more inclusive marketplace(s). I am affiliated with Cynsar Foundation working under a pledged grant, supporting management, alignment of tasks, initiatives and contributing members. Having a background in project management (in acoustic design projects), I find my forte in efficient and impactful communication and seek nomination to in order to further the vision of the foundation works through my skillsets.
  • I am an architect by education, background in music, and working experience in the field of applied acoustics, as a program lead, from managing communications between stakeholders, to designing the projects or programs. I came across Foundation through my interaction with Saransh Sharma in Auroville. My vision of human life is essentially a never ending path towards reaching a state of pure compassion and genuine-ness. For one to truly achieve that is to master one's capability to make the world truly a better place. I hope use my skills, experience and knowledge to support building protocols that bring about environmental and social impact, and systems change. Understanding the problems and barriers that lay ahead of betterment of society and ecology, and working upon turning them into opportunities. I see myself contributing towards research and development of community activities. I am highly grateful to have the opportunity to work and support the cause and mission of the group, for the betterment and equitable development of all. My thoughts on Muellners Foundation From my interactions with mutual members from Cynsar Foundation, I feel Muellners it's a community of genuinely good hearted souls who intend for this world to be a better place.
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