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Matthew Shaver

Good to know: No Interview was conducted, (minimum regulations did not require for an interview back then).
12th January 2022

Nomination Content:

  • I understand that this is an exploration involving new communities in the DAO space as well as developing a DAO system that can benefit other communities, non profits in more than one area. Because I really find communities and culture interesting. I like working on DAOs and DAO tools. I think the project should move forward via prototyping a first version with-in the working group and that this prototype can then be refined, improved via community and community proposals.
  • I like that Muellners is building a global community of researchers and that we can all explore Web3 together as a global community. I see myself contributing to research, technical architecture, DAO structure, DAO tooling/functionality, any associated tokenomics, presentation, networking, and hands on development.
Steering/Executive Committee Remarks: Appointed for 2022/2023/2024
Remarks of Independent Board, EU: