Pulkit Vyas

Good to know: Project CWC Membership for an incubated project.
Nomination Public Content I:
1. Second Exchange is a peer-to-peer social media, shaped to be a decentralized blogging platform where users can share information with each other and not have their data censored by any centralized entity. At its core nostr-tools is used which works on a relay-client mechanism for data transfer. The frontend is a fork of Branle ( and made using VueJS and Quasar. 2. I have worked on Second Exchange for the last 6 months and understand the challenges, workflows, and future potential that come with the project. This makes Second Exchange a good fit for my contribution to a foundation's project. 3. I have described my ideas for the project's direction in a roadmap available on GitHub at the project's repository
( 4. Associated with Cynsar Foundation (fiscal host of India). 5. N/A
Nomination Public Content II:
I am a student, developer, and researcher from India working with the foundation from October 2021. Through the foundation's project of Second Exchange, I got exposed to the world of decentralization technologies and the challenges and opportunities that come with it, creating real-world impact. I am passionate about education, research, and the implementation of scalable innovation that put students at the center of learning. The foundation's work on creating decentralized governance architectures is exemplary, the serenity program being a case in point. The open-source strategies of the foundation reflect the type of organization and structure that is followed within and I would like to contribute to this model of social impact through idea sharing, code, research, and discussions.
Project CWC Manifesto Public Content I:
1. Expanding upon the roadmap of the project and creating issues, milestones, and task boards accordingly. 2. Creating automated contribution and project progression workflows. 3. Adding a testing suite with pre-commit hooks and making the CI/CD more robust. 4. Bug fixes and feature improvements. 5. Improving the user experience. 6. Implementing features related to peer-review, open ballots, and, consent and consensus mechanisms.
Project CWC Manifesto Public Content II:
Social identity:
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