Mayank Bhardwaj

Saransh Sharma
Johnson Chetty
Good to know: Nomination for appointment is linked to constitution of Fiscal Host of Foundation in the Republic of India.
Nomination Public Content I:
I am excited to seek the nomination & contribute my bit to the legal, International trade & Compliances involved in the expansion of foundation.
Nomination Public Content II:
A seasoned professional working in the legal field and startup ecosystem. I have an urge to do something about climate change which is one of the biggest global issue. I am a bit more connected towards nature & animals like I had been a part of big plantation drives in various parts of India. Apart from this I am also an active member of a wildlife group Sanctuary Asia. I came to knew about the foundation when I joined Cynsar Capital, a group of venture capitalists actively working in India. I want to start changing this world by reducing my carbon footprints & I am regularly working on it. My thoughts on Mullner's Foundation are that it is a community of people from different walks of life who want to do something so that this world can become a better place.
Independent CWC Candidate Manifesto Public Content I:
My goal is to work on Climate change, to provide free op-eds, documentation & information to the community on legal, cross-border transactions, monetary regulations.

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