Flavia Kakaire

Good to know: Nomination for appointment is linked to constitution of Fiscal Host of Foundation in the Republic of Uganda, Africa.
Grounds for No interview: Electoral appointment falls within the threshold of min. number of appointments, required for constituting a Steward Group of Foundation's Fiscal Host/Node in Uganda. 12/04/2022
Nomination Content:
I am Flavia Kakaire, female, adult, Ugandan with high level diligence, highly organized and efficient.
I love performing my duties in a timely manner and effectively.
I prioritize workload, and experience with a diversity of organizations and in different situations regardless of the tight deadlines.
I am friendly and approachable with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, good listener, innovative and always open to new ideas.
I came across the foundation through my work team and on the foundation website;my vision of human life is to see change in people’s lives by rising above their current circumstances through meeting their needs in the best way possible.
I want to bring change by offering protection, guidance to the implementers and the company and through this, the people at grass root level or beneficiaries can be helped to create change. This can be done through advocacy, using advocacy skills I have in promotion of human rights.
Finally, my thoughts on Muellners are that it has a very a good foundation with very good initiatives that align with my vision, therefore the foundation has a very good cause that will impact a lot of lives globally, more so in Uganda.
Through the appointment, I hope to help my work place with better advice in the legal aspects, guiding them on how best to implement the activities in line with the organization mission and objectives, through this I can also be able to help them understand the core problems and how to mitigate them through keep the records, maintain them and sharing these with my team. I have had vast experience in NGO, working with women, children and the youth as well as working with companies so through both experiences, I hope to put the skills to better use in order to harvest outputs in a diligent and viable manner.

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