Shubham Sharma

Dinesh Singh
Good to know: Shubham filed for nomination to Finscale CWC on Apr 7, 2022, on the basis of recommendation made by Open Council member Dinesh Singh.
Nomination Content:
Finscale is making banking open;we are moving towards a democratic and more inclusive world. democracy and inclusion are the ideas around which I had built my personal life and professional life.
I started my corporate career as a banker, working with SBI. During that time, India was going through a financial inclusion revolution. As a human being, I have spent my life making other people's life easy and making formal financial products available to the last person standing in the queue is a big step in this direction.
Our focus on creating independent and innovative financial products is making society inclusive and providing an opportunity for everyone to earn a better living.

Q1 A brief background about yourself ?

  • I am Shubham Sharma, born and raised in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. A computer science engineer by qualification. I have more than a decade of experience in the banking and financial services domain. I started my career at State Bank of India, which is the leading public sector bank in the country and managed multiple roles in SBI, from dealing and managing HNI clients to being a Branch manager reasonably early in my career.
  • My urge to constantly learn and evolve led me to pursue my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from IIM, Kozhikode in India. Post which, I joined a Kuliza, which is a leading provider of digital transformation and operational intelligence solutions for financial enterprises. In my current role, I help financial organisations build digital financial products and journeys.

Q2 What are you passionate about ?

  • I have 2 big challenges in my banking career, namely:
    • Demonetisation
    • Covid-19
  • As Winston Churchill said “never let a crisis go waste”, these 2 events led me to work very closely with the problems that the underbanked and underserved face with regards to access to money. Post my MBA, I have focussed on working on solutions that make financial products more accessible to this segment of individuals and MSMEs.

Q3 How do you think you can contribute to the foundation?

  • My exposure in banking and my background in technology give me a unique vantage point in helping build accessible financial products that are focussed on driving financial inclusion at scale.
Steering/Executive Council Remarks: Shubham has good exposure in the Banking domain and with building lending products.
Remarks of Independent Board, India: