Nitin Agarwal

Dinesh Singh
Good to know: Nitin filed for nomination to Finscale CWC on Mar 24, 2022, on the basis of recommendation made by Open Council member Dinesh Singh.
Nomination Content:
I am excited to seek this nomination so that I could contribute meaningfully in the CWC project's product discussions.
I love what Foundation's global community is doing for providing a co-learning platform where people from different domains can come together and contribute to build something worthwhile. Being a product enthusiast, I would love to be a part of the product related discussions here.

Q1? A brief background about yourself ?

  • I am Nitin Agarwal, born and brought up in Lucknow, India. I have done my B-Tech in Electrical Engineering from NIT-Surat and have 4 years of work-ex as an Engineer. After this, I pursued my MBA at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade –Delhi and joined Yes Bank as a Product Manager. There I was responsible for the Trade & Current Account Portfolio of the bank for 2 years. Thereafter, I joined IndusInd Bank’s Current Account Product Team and contributing in the digitization of their onboarding journey as well as taking care of various engagement metrics. Currently, I am also helping the Ardour Analytics Team in scaling their lending product and positioning it in the market.

Q2? What are you passionate about ?

  • Professionally, I’m passionate about problem solving keeping customer at the centre in whatever I’m building. I’ve deep interest in the Fintech domain and have been associated with a couple banks in India where I have been handling the liabilities products. However, with the current developments in the distribution of payments and lending sector, I am keen to learn more and build products which the customers can relate to and don’t find difficult to use in their day-to-day business operations.

Q3? How do you think you can contribute to the foundation ?

  • I bring my product sense on the table. It helps me to envisage how the customer might behave while using the products that we’re building. I feel that customer empathy is the key for product managers to build products that scale. With the technical platforms that we have, I want to contribute in developing products which look seamless to use and serve the purpose of making our customer’s lives easy.
Steering/Executive Council Remarks:
I strongly support Nitin's nomination to the Finscale CWC.His insights around product management and his experience in BFSI domain would be very useful to the foundation.
Remarks of Independent Board, India: