Bruce Tushabe

Good to know: No Interview was conducted, (minimum regulations did not require for an interview back then). But the candidate supplied more than sufficient and auditable records on self and social initiatives co-founded by the candidate, in Uganda.
12th January 2022

Nomination Content

  • I am excited to contribute to Finscale projects technical architecture and shape its strategy for increasing access to digital financial inclusion for the millions underserved and underbanked
  • I love the opensource Initiatives of the Foundation and what it is doing to advance social inclusion and sustainable development. Through its initiatives, Muellners Foundation is making the world a better place and advancing humanity!
  • Yes I identify as a developer.
  • Linkedin:
  • Github:
Steering/Executive Council Remarks: Appointed for 2022/2023/2024
Remarks of Independent Board, Uganda: N/a