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Daisy Naluwugge

Good to know: Nomination for appointment is linked to constitution of Fiscal Host of Foundation in the Republic of Uganda, Africa.
Grounds for No interview: Electoral appointment falls within the threshold of min. number of appointments, required for constituting a Steward Group of Foundation's Fiscal Host/Node in Uganda.
Nomination Content:
  • I am an advocate for safeguarding and a safeguarding lead in my organization and believe in protecting privacy and data safety. Working with Kisoboka Africa and financial inclusion among rural communities has made me intrigued on how to make lives better especially with the changing world like through technology. I like what the foundation stands for and excited about the future we are trying to create through the different programs.
  • I love being able to give people a chance. I am always happiest when am counted in global impact and improving livelihoods in the communities i work with. I am invested in making it possible for people to live up to their full potential. If appointed i will make sure i uphold the organization guiding principles. My thoughts about muellners foundation are that it is committed to end poverty through improving banking technology and supporting open innovation around the world.

Public Profile

Executive Council Remarks: Expressed interest in the Steward Group, serving as DPO and Executive Affairs, in close association with the local Independent Board in Uganda.
Remarks of Independent Board, Uganda :